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We understand how stressful immigration cases can be, not only for individuals, but for entire families. This is why we stay in touch, take client calls, and take whatever time is needed to answer questions. We break down complex issues and connect them to the facts of each individual case in ways a non-lawyer can understand.

Our immigration practice includes:

            - Deportation defense & representation in immigration court 

            - Immigration bonds

            - Family petitions (marriage, fiancée visas, sibling petitions, among others) 

            - Deferred action (Dream Act / DACA and more)

            - Visas for victims crimes

            - Waivers  

            - Interviews at U.S. consulates overseas (also known as consular processing)

            - Naturalization

            - Appeals and federal court litigation 

Every member of our staff is committed to the idea that every human being has a right to a good education, job opportunities, and a bright future, free from fear and violence. Our immigration practice is much more than a business, it’s a commitment to principles we wholeheartedly believe in. 

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

We are trailblazers in this growing area of law.  Few attorneys in Tennessee have experience in both immigration and criminal defense. When we handle federal criminal cases for non-citizens, we always have immigration consequences in mind. We have the expertise to carefully analyze each case and try to reach a resolution that avoids or minimizes the chance of deportation. We understand that a criminal conviction can have tragic consequences for non-citizens and their families. 

If you already have a criminal defense lawyer, we can consult with and advise your attorney on the immigration consequences of a potential conviction. It is always best to address this issue before the criminal case is over with.  If, however, you have a family member in immigration custody due to a criminal conviction, there are still ways for us to help. We can fight for an immigration bond, challenge the deportation, and in some cases, even overturn the criminal conviction. 


Federal Criminal Defense

If you face serious criminal charges, you need a fearless team. Our lawyers are not easily intimidated. Tatine Darker has secured not guilty verdicts in a number of federal criminal trials. Federal criminal charges require more than just trial expertise, it is critical for your attorney to understand federal sentencing litigation. Tatine Darker is a seasoned advocate in this increasingly complex area of law, including at the appellate level. She is admitted to practice in both the Sixth and Fifth Circuit Courts of Appeals.  

Unlike many run-of-the-mill criminal defense firms, we treat our clients with respect, we listen, and we communicate. When a federal criminal client is in custody, he/she gets his attorney's cell phone number and when clients or their families call us, we call back. This may sound like a given, but the main complaint we hear from potential clients is that the lawyer they had before didn't return calls and didn't explain how the case or the system work. 

We understand that facing criminal charges is frightening. We explain the process, step by step, and work closely with top-notch investigators and to look for, and find, the missing pieces. 

Whether you want aggressive litigators to take your case to trial or someone with established relationships to secure a beneficial plea deal, we get things done. 

Initial consultations in federal criminal cases are always free. 

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